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Iroko Machined To Order

At Fulham Timber, we specialise in the production of hardwoods from all over the world.

We can machine to a simple planed all round square edge profile (like pictured below), or to any moulding of your choice. We even can create custom mouldings to your own dimensioned design.

Our Iroko is sourced from West Africa in whats known as FAS, ‘Firsts and Seconds’ Grade, which is very good quality. When we machine the Iroko, it can have varied shades of colour throughout which makes it particularly attractive for use a decking. It is a reasonably heavy hardwood and is suitable for exterior use which makes it ideal for claddings, deckings and other exterior hardwood uses.

Contact us on 020 8685 5340 and speak to our specialist timber sales team who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.
Alternatively email us on: online@fulhamtimber.co.uk with your enquiry.

iroko hardwood machined to order