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Bespoke Machining Services – Take a tour of our mill

Our on-site machining service uses a huge range of cutters acquired over many years for all types of architraves, skirtings and other mouldings. Our experts can match any bespoke item in softwood or hardwood and make cutters to suit if need be. Our turn-around on machined goods is the best in London with most items ready for dispatch in 3-4 days. We offer a fast and accurate cut-to-size panel saw service on sheet material.

To give you an insight into our machining services, here’s a quick tour of how we would handle a special custom designed moulding for a customer…

Step 1: Design

Our mill manager George heads up the design and CAD process, from taking your drawings or sample he will draw your moulding on our CAD software to millimeter precision, ready for the next step (that sounds easy).

141014 FTM-0534 (2)

Step 2: Template

The data from the CAD drawing is transferred onto our specialist CNC templating machine, which will produce the template for the moulding.

141014 FTM-0540 (2) 141014 FTM-0545 (2)

Step 3: Manufacturing the cutter

From this template the cutter is then presition ground, ready for our moulding machine to produce the timber to your moulding design. The more elaborate the moulding is, the longer the cutter takes to manufacture, but one thing we guarantee is that we are faster than anyone in London in turning around bespoke products – so we don’t hang around.

141014 FTM-1440 (2) 141014 FTM-1465 (2)

Step 4: Selecting the timber

We hold extensive stocks of a variety of hardwoods including American White Oak, Sapele, Tulipwood, Cedar, Iroko, Walnut plus many more. We also keep standard Softwoods, Redwood and Whitewood, in various grades. At this stage we pick your timber ready for the next step.

141014 FTM-0496 (2) 141014 FTM-0500 (2)

Step 5: Straightening (if required)

The timber we import is in the sawn/raw state and often comes in very wide pieces. Before we cut these down to the specific sizes that is required for a specific order, we make sure the wood is nice and straight before cutting. This is done using a surface planer, or our more advanced multi-rip.

141014 FTM-1232 (2)

Step 6: Cutting to size ready for planing

Since we do so much cutting to size for customers, we have a new ‘state of the art’ Multi-rip machine with lots of technical advancements, and also our good old regular band re-saw which is in action all day, every day. The wide planks of timber are cut into smaller sections to suit the customers order, a few millimeters bigger on all dimensions to allow for the planing process.

141014 FTM-0578 (2) 141014 FTM-1126 (2)

Step 7: Machining

The sawn timber is then moved to one of our planing / moulding machines, where we install the cutter manufactured from step 3, all the sawn timber is fed through the machine which planes all four sides including the desired moulding at the same time. Once this stage is finished, the manufacture of the timber moulding is complete.

141014 FTM-1092 (2) 141014 FTM-1104 (2)

Step 8: Delivery

Our delivery vehicles collect the completed article from the mill and deliver to the customers site, or to a branch of the customers choice for collection.

141014 FTM-0101 (2)

Our mill team

We are lucky enough to have a team of people who work hard to ensure that all the above processes run like clockwork, and handle the constant movements and additional jobs that our sales people throw at them. Headed up by the mill manager George Evans, who has worked in the industry for over 40 years, our mill has a wealth of experience and skill. Above all else, they enjoy what they do, so they do it well.

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